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Web Excursions for October 15, 2013

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HoudahSpot beta 3.8 with Mavericks tagging
The beta of HoudahSpot is compatible with both OpenMeta and Mavericks tags, and offers the option to merge them. So it begins.
Send Secure information, passwords, links with dead drop

Need to send some data securely? Password? Love Note? Haiku? This is the place.

I’ve had a couple of people ask if this was possible, so I figured this might be worth sharing: it “exports and synchronizes images and metadata from iPhoto or Aperture on a Mac.” Via OneThingWell.
Intro to Tmux
If you’re a Terminal person and haven’t tried tmux, you really should. This intro from NetTuts is a great place to get started. Note that iTerm 2 provides deep tmux integration with tmux -CC.
Quickly toggling elements in the Web Inspector
A very handy trick from Bricss, including a tip for toggling “display:none” with the same hotkey.

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