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Web Excursions for August 08, 2013

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My Take on the Git Commit Logger
A great take on my own git logger, this one runs every time you make a commit (using hooks). By removing the need for launchd jobs and dotfile lists, it becomes a simpler way to gather records of all your work in all your repos together for reference and remembering the good times.
MOSX Tumblelog
For Keyboard Maestro users, more Markdown macros! Even includes support for MultiMarkdown’s new superscript and subscript features.
A Pinboard Reading Library
Great article on Macdrifter about Pinboard as a primary read-later and reference tool.
Gitrep - Discover and Organize Github Repositories
One of the nicest discovery tools for GitHub repositories I’ve seen. There are a couple of cool features yet to be implemented (coming soon), but for finding related repos and exploring the magical jungle of GitHub, this is great.
Leap motion controls hexapod with hand signals
I feel like I might be under-using my Leap Motion.

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