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Preference option to restore previously open Bunches when launching
Close launched Bunches when closing Bunch
Make !Name.bunch to close a bunch within a Bunch
Avoid infinite loops when opening/closing Bunches within Bunches (a Bunch can’t call itself)

New snippet url method (see docs)
New x-success and x-delay parameters for all URL methods
New AppleScript method run snippet to mirror url handler
Allow default values for variables (${var:default})
Don’t freak out if variable placeholders are included in snippets but values are not provided when importing

Bugfix release

Launch Bunches on startup with *.startup files
On/Off images for Bunches in menu bar mode
Allow Bunches to be launched like applications
If a Bunch is launched by another Bunch, affect its checkmark
Keyboard shortcuts in menu bar menu
Snippet files not found when they absolutely do exist
Better handling if a fragment isn’t matched
When a Bunch causes errors, gracefully ignore and continue processing other bunches

Update help links to new mini-site

Handle Do Not Disturb commands on Big Sur
Add syntax for confirm dialog when loading snippets, e.g. <test.snippet ?"Load this snippet?"
Allow Option-click on checked Bunch to clear checkmark
AppleScript command “process text” to process raw Bunch commands

Fix for delayed apps not quitting on close

Better at maintaining “open” checkmarks
Reduce delay when storing and changing wallpaper
Add option to delay a launch or command with ~X at the end of line
Big Sur Dock Icon

add (audio mute) and (audio unmute) commands
allow separate input/output muting and volume commands
improved method for setting output volume

Allow !! to launch apps when closing a Bunch
Better error handling for unreadable Bunch files
Allow sections in snippets that can be called individually

New audio commands for switching inputs, outputs, and setting volume

Fix for issues when changing Bunch Folder preference

Add Microsoft Edge to browser-specific url options

Allow urls to be opened in a specific browser.

Change escape codes for up and down from “\\p” and “\\n” to “\\u” and “\\d”
Add \\h delete, \\a home, \\e end escape codes
Allow leading and trailing space for [ typed string ] commands
Allow system key names in key commands, e.g. {@up}
Allow unicode characters for arrow keys, e.g. {@↑}
Allow hyphenated long-form commands, e.g. {opt-left opt-left cmd-shift-up}
Make about panel appear in foreground when running in menu bar mode

(wallpaper [path]) command to specify desktop images

Ability to import “snippets” with variables for repeatable bunch actions

$BUNCH_DND environment variable for shell scripts, shows current Do Not Disturb state
$BUNCH_DOCK environment variable for shell scripts, shows current Dock visibility
$BUNCH_DESKTOP_ICONS environment variable for shell scripts, shows whether Desktop icons are visible

Send key commands using {@~w} in app file params
Type key sequences using [type this out] in app file params
Improve hiding all apps (@@)

New commands dark mode and dark mode off
Optimizations and fixes

Run commands when closing a Bunch: !(hide dock)
Dock positioning commands: !(dock [left|right|bottom])
Launch At Login preference handling
Fixes Dock show/hide commands being reversed

Better reporting for Workflow errors
More dependable implementation for “@@” (hide all apps)

Fix for AppleScript “Corrupted Dictionary” errors

AppleScript improvements that will be invisible to the naked eye. Or really any end user.
Donate button twice in the menu bar version. Nobody needs that much prodding. I mean, you’re going to pitch in or you’re not, right?

Bunch can be automated with AppleScript
URL method setPrefs to change certain preferences from script
Bind bunch menu item states to a property so they’re always up-to-date

Additional environment variables for shell scripts
Updated Example.bunch with all the latest goodness
A script line (*&$) preceded by ! will only run that script when closing the Bunch
Status item submenu with Check For Updates (and Donate)

Preferences->”Run in Menu Bar” option
Preferences->”Launch at Login” option

Use & workflowname to run automator workflows
Use $ shell command to run shell scripts/commands
Menu command to clear checkmarks in toggle/single bunch mode (force launched Bunches to launch again)
Url method raw for directly loading any Bunch-formatted file or directly passing bunch commands as a string
(dnd on) and (dnd off) commands for Do Not Disturb
Watch bunch folder for changes and refresh automatically
Launching or quitting a Bunch via url command now toggles launched state in Dock menu when Toggle Bunches is active

Add close method to url handler
Add toggle method to url handler
Allow url handler methods to toggle Bunch state in Dock Menu
Show an alert when commands fail to make it easier to diagnose and fix Bunches
Add LaunchBar, Alfred, and CLI scripts to documentation

Add percent (%) before app name to ignore it when quitting Bunch
Add XX as a filename to close all windows for the app\
Desktop icons commands: (hide desktop) and (show desktop)

Toggle Bunches mode, checkmark opened Bunches, click checkmarked Bunch to quit
Single Bunch Mode
Quit Apps in Bunch… submenu
Bunch commands (hide dock) (show dock)

@@ alone on a line will hide all apps

New URL handler x-bunch:
Ability to change location of Bunches folder

Allow URL schemes (in addition to http)
Test if app is running or hidden before launching, hiding, quitting
Use NSWorkspace instead of AppleScript where possible
Allow _ suffix to hide app (experimental)

Add @focus syntax
Add *AppleScript syntax

Improve launch speed
Allow ![app name] to quit an app
Build for older macOS versions
Sort Bunches alphabetically in Dock menu

Remove cruft from app menus
Add “Show Bunches in Finder” to Dock and File menus