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Quick Reference

Bunch Line Action
App Name Launch app
%AppName Launch when opening the Bunch, but ignore when closing
AppName ~5 Launch app after 5 second delay
- XX close all windows of preceding app
- File open a file in preceding app (can be repeated)
- {@~w} send a key command to the preceding app
- [string] type a string in the preceding app
!AppName Quit app
!!AppName Launch app when closing bunch (double negative)
@AppName Focus app (run at end of bunch to hide all other apps)
AppName_ Hide an app
< my.snippet An external file to be included in the bunch
- KEY=value A variable to define for use in the snippet as ${KEY}
< my.snippet#id Reference a section of a snippet file
< my.snippet#id ?"Run this Snippet?" Allow interactive confirmation of a snippet
http://url Open URL in browser
urlhandler:// Open a system url handler
Bunch Commands  
(command) Run a Bunch command
(dark mode [on|off]) dark mode on/off
(do not disturb [on|off]) do not disturb on/off
([hide|show] dock) hide/show dock
(dock [left|right|bottom]) dock left/right/bottom
([hide|show] desktop) hide/show desktop
(wallpaper [path(s)]) change wallpaper
(audio [input|output] device_name) audio input/output
(audio [input|output] volume [0-100]) audio volume
(audio [input|output] [mute|unmute]) mute/unmute audio
* AppleScript command Execute Applescript
Automator Workflows  
& Automator Workflow Run an Automator Workflow
- key=value variable to pass to preceding workflow (can be repeated)
Shell Scripts/Commands  
$ script_or_cmd [args] Shell script to execute
- KEY=value Environment variable to export for preceding shell script (can be repeated)

URL handler

See documentation for details.

URL Method
x-bunch://open?bunch=[BUNCH NAME] Open a Bunch
x-bunch://[BUNCH NAME] Open shorthand
x-bunch://close?bunch=[BUNCH NAME] Close a Bunch
x-bunch://close/[BUNCH NAME] Close shorthand
x-bunch://toggle?bunch=[BUNCH NAME] Toggle a Bunch
x-bunch://toggle/[BUNCH NAME] Toggle shorthand
x-bunch://raw?txt=[BUNCH TEXT] Run raw text as a Bunch
x-bunch://snippet?file=[SNIPPET PATH]&fragment=[FRAGMENT]&foo=bar Run a snippet with fragment and variables