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Launching After A Delay

You can have an app, script, or command execute after a delay by adding a tilde immediately followed by a number (integer) at the end of the line. For example, to wait 5 seconds before executing an AppleScript, you would use:

* say "I've been waiting for you" ~5

The delay only applies to the line it’s on, it doesn’t delay the processing of lines after it. Anything without a delay specified will launch immediately.

Delaying Groups

You can use snippets to delay groups of items. Just put the items into a snippet file and add the tilde+number.

< example.snippets ~5

You can also put a delay on snippets that run when the Bunch closes, triggered X seconds after closing the Bunch:

!< example.snippets ~5

See the Snippets documentation to learn how to have snippets wait until apps have finished launching.