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Web Excursions for May 11, 2016

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Almost complete guide to flexbox (without flexbox)
A cheatsheet for replicating flexbox (CSS) functionality with backwards-compatible methods.
Another documentation system based on Markdown files. I love the built-in realtime search that’s automatically generated. My home brew system for Marked 2 documentation does a lot of this, but I may be switching over to a more polished system like this soon.
This collaborative wiki for teams is really nice. Simple in form and function, but with tools that make creating and maintaining a knowledge base easier (including some Markdown support within the rich text editor). Currently released as a free preview, pricing packages to be announced after full release.

I had a chat with the creators of Nuclino about the goals of this project. I think the roadmap sounds excellent and am looking forward to doing a more in-depth review as new features come together.


Flow is a static type checker for JavaScript. It can be used to catch common bugs in JavaScript programs before they run, including: silent type conversions, null dereferences, and the dreaded undefined is not a function.

Gemini 2
The latest version of Gemini is incredibly smart about locating and removing duplicate files on your Mac’s hard drive. John Voorhees has a full review over at MacStories.
A service that can turn any website into a JSON API using CSS selectors.
osnr/Screenotate: Automatically annotate your screenshots.
A Swift-based utility that captures a screenshot of a region and automatically detects and saves the surrounding context (app, window title, web url), plus OCRs the text in the screenshot for searching. Grab a compiled download from the Releases page.

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