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Web Excursions for March 15, 2016

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Announcing TableFlip
From Christian Tietze, creator of WordCount for Mac, the announcement of his upcoming Mac app, and it’s one the Markdown world really needs:

Open any Markdown file with TableFlip and you can visually edit the tabular data included. Save and the Markdown file is updated. It’s that simple.

Upgrading to Paper
Ben Elijah details why and how he’s switching from his task management app of choice to a (slightly) less digital (and more secure) world of productivity.
An Indie’s Guide to the Press
Partly in response to a great post from Rene Ritchie, this is Chris Herbert’s take on surviving in the App Store.
A bot that can help you plan a trip, suggesting things to do, places to eat, and more.
How we debate the pronunciation of GIF
This nails it pretty well, as per The Oatmeal standard.
A linter for prose. Not a grammar checker, something different. It’s a command line utility, but there’s a web version/demo. [Via Jason Gilman]

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