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Web Excursions for March 09, 2016

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MeisterTask 2.0 for iOS Is Out
MeisterTask, my favorite tool for Kanban-style project management just updated its iOS app with a redesigned dashboard, built-in time tracking, and even Slack-style emoji syntax.
Mastering Markdown
A free video course on Markdown from Wes Bos with all the basics plus some great insights on Markdown workflows.
Instant Logo Search
Tired of Googling for the right image to represent a company logo you’re writing about? This site has thousands of SVG and PNG versions of company logos. That’s way easier than digging into a company homepage to extract a mediocre-resolution image…
Google Cloud Vision API enters open beta
The new Cloud Vision API from Google can analyze images and detect objects, read text, and identify logos. When combined with an Arduino, it allows robots to identify real life objects by imaging them and querying the service. It’s pretty amazing.
A service (with API) for automatically finding the optimal image sizes needed for the best viewing experience in responsive web & mobile sites.

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