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Web Excursions for August 19, 2015

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Better BibTeX Cite As You Write
Integration for Zotero++, Scrivener, and Marked 2.
Shell Integration - iTerm2
The latest beta of iTerm2 (version 3) has some awesome new features. Nightly builds available.
Unsplash It
A service from Unsplash to generate placeholder images automatically with a simple url structure. Great photos. I think Placekitten might have broken, so this is my new go-to…
Tufte CSS
I love Tufte. This CSS, along with some basic classes and markup formatting, provides Tufte-compliant formatting for your text.
Browser Fairy
I’ve been a Choosy user for a long time, but it’s a dead project and I’ve been watching for a replacement. This is working well for handling multiple web browsers based on user rules. Hat tip to TJ Luoma at MacStories.
Take Control Books - Back To School Sale
For all your Mac learning, Take Control Books are written by some excellent authors, and until August 24th, the entire catalog is 50% off.

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