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Web Excursions for September 17, 2014

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GIF YouTube
Make Animated GIFs from Youtube.
Butterick’s Practical Typography
A great overview and detail of typography in general, built using Pollen.

This book is partly an experiment in taking the web seriously as a book-publishing medium. I have a role to play in making the experiment work. And so do you.

Support the author.

A JavaScript library ported from a Python fuzzy string matching library. Determines likely mispellings and does approximate string matching in pure JS. Via Alex Chan.
A lightweight mass mailer (Mac app) using the Amazon Simple Email Service. Import a mailing list in CSV or Tab-Delimited format from a file, or direct from a remote URL, and send out emails for a fraction of the cost of other services.
Strut - An HTML5 Presentation Editor
An HTML5 presentation deck editor that works with Impress.js, Bespoke.js, and Handouts.

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