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Web Excursions for July 14, 2014

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Web excursions brought to you in partnership with CleanMyMac 3, all the tools to speed up your Mac, in one app.

Breach - A browser for the HTML5 era
A web browser written in JavaScript, modular and hackable.
A good looking hosted CMS with full file access. I hadn’t heard of it before Elliot Jay Stocks mentioned it recentlly.
Mac Word Counter
A new Mac app from Christian Tietze that tracks your word counts across all your applications.
API Changelog
APIs make the web 100x more powerful, allowing brilliant integrations with services to happen. APIs changing makes the stability of those integrations 100x more tenuous. Here’s a tool to keep developers posted about the changes they need to keep track of to keep their apps running.
LaunchBar 6 actions for accessing Pinboard bookmarks. Not only handy, a great sample set for learning to build with the new Launchbar extension capabilities.

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