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Web Excursions for April 08, 2014

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Web excursions brought to you by CleanMyMac 3, all the tools to speed up your Mac, in one app.

Save articles from the web on Evernote from iOS
Cool bookmarklet from Phillip Gruneich for using Marky to save nicely formatted articles to Evernote.
Another cool way to quickly make presentations for any device. Like Deckset, it also handles Markdown.
Automatically create Calendar events when receiving email
There’s a lot of finagling required to make this tip work for specific situations, but it’s a pretty cool trick.
Privacy Policy Generator
A neat-looking tool for generating concise and appropriate privacy policies for apps and websites.
A handy calorie tracker for Mac. See the levels of nutrients and calories, track your goals and gather a variety of stats. It comes with a big database, and you can add custom foods as needed.

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