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Web Excursions for May 31, 2013

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Web excursions brought to you by MindMeister, the best collaborative mind mapping software out there.

I tested this out for a bit this morning (currently only $2 US). Not the full-featured client I think I need, but really fast and good looking. If you’re not using a ton of OS X integrations with Mail.app, give it a shot.
Super-smooth CSS3 transitions and animations for jQuery.
7Min - A Quick Workout Timer
I want to be skinny again.
An amazing little utility for exporting OmniFocus projects, tasks, notes and all of the details to an array of formats, including OPML and TaskPaper. [Via gridwriter]
Turning Tasks Into Projects in OmniFocus
Michael Schechter dives into the art of turning an amorphous task into a fully-fledged OmniFocus project. This link is also my way of providing an introduction to Workflowing, a great new productivity blog from Mr. Schechter and Mike Vardy.

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