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Web Excursions for April 15, 2013

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Wow. There seems to be no shortage of gorgeous weather sites these days (though I’m currently experiencing a shortage of gorgeous weather). This one via Stu Maschwitz.
Ulysses III App and Marked App
Frank Eves MD details how he uses Ulysses III and Marked together.
Alfred 2 Workflow for Cheaters
James Stout created an Alfred Worflow for Cheaters. Nice.
Love this: “jrnl is a simple journal application for your command line. Journals are stored as human readable plain text files - you can put them into a Dropbox folder for instant syncing and you can be assured that your journal will still be readable in 2050, when all your fancy iPad journal applications will long be forgotten. jrnl also plays nice with the fabulous DayOne and can read and write directly from and to DayOne Journals.” Via OneThingWell.
craig eley: Song Diary: Log iTunes Tracks to Day One
This should become a Slogger plugin…

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