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Web Excursions for January 19, 2013

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Responsive Design Bookmarklet
The nicest bookmarklet I’ve seen yet for viewing responsive designs at various sizes. It even has an on-screen keyboard you can toggle to see how much viewable space you’ll have when a user is typing.
Gitfred: An Alfred v2 (beta) Workflow for GitHub
Man, another temptation from Alfred. My switch is looking more and more likely.
Pixa Updated to Support Acorn Files
As Gus says in this short note, a great little app just got better.
Marked.app Support – Ulysses 3 devblog
Toggle Calendar Focus
Great AppleScript trick from Daniel Jalkut for changing which calendars are shown in Calendar on Mountain Lion.
The original defunkt gist gem seems to be… defunct. This is an awesome replacement.

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