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All journal entries are in reverse order, with the latest entry at the top. Clicking the "Location" link will take you to a map where you can see details of the area from which Wesley posted the entry. Thanks for all of your support!



Week 1: March 24th through March 30th
Week 2: March 31st through April 6th
Week 3: April 7th through April 13th
Week 4: April 14th through April 20th
Week 5: April 21st through April 27th
Week 6: April 28th through May 4th
Week 7: May 5th through May 11th
Week 8: May 12th through May 18th
Week 9-10: May 19th through June 1st
Week 11: June 2nd through June 8th
Week 12: June 9th through June 15th


WEEK 6   April 28th through May 4th

Journal Entry from Wesley
Location: Dickson
, TN

I think it rained last night. How am I not sure? I was camped in really tall grass and it might have been dew that was all over everything this morning. Wet either way. I got my tent all dried out in the parking lot, got shaved and got some breakfast at the gas station before church.

I made it to the bible study before the service and met some nice people. Surprisingly, the person that I liked the least was the pastor. He seemed put off from the beginning by my being there and even made a comment (joke?) to the congregation that if I were really smart, I'd go back to Savannah and get a job. How about that? I was a little shocked. Fortunately, his message was of the opposite sentiment. He referenced at least four scriptures that I've used in conversations explaining my walk. Someone I talked with after the service even apologized for the pastor and encouraged me heartily. It was kind of strange.

Then, I had a very nice and lazy walk. Today was a short mileage day and now I'm in Dickson. It's a pretty big place but there's only one place to stay in town. This place is hilariously seedy. It has a big mirror on the wall next to the bed! Oh hot, I can watch myself sleeping!

I was going to go to a church that I saw a billboard for this evening. It's about a mile back. I tried to call the church earlier but the payphone wouldn't accept pay (which should make it just a phone but really it was just a piece of junk) and then the wind caught the scrap I had the number on. I was walking there later even though I wasn't feeling too excited. About 2 blocks away, I just turned around. It just didn't feel right. I almost wish I had gone just to see why I shouldn't have gone. Hmm. So, instead I went to K-Mart and bought some new gel heel inserts, a can of soup, some candy and a pair of nylons. Just a typical trip to the store.

Well, I guess I'll be walking in the rain tomorrow and the next couple days. I hope it stays cool so I don't get all hot in my rain gear.

After that one day of me whining about being lonely, I got about a dozen emails. Whoah! I was at the phone booth for long enough to memorize all the graffiti. I feel a lot better anyways, but after that encouragement, I was about to cry. Made me feel so special. One big lesson I've learned the last couple days is that staying in God is important for everyday life and even more important when I'm doing something like this. I can't make it alone. I have to be in God all the time. You'd think I already knew that but actually applying it to that degree doesn't always come naturally.

If I can keep up with my estimated pace, I'll be exiting stage west of Tennessee in a week. Oh yeah!


Journal Entry from Wesley
Location: Burns
, TN

This morning I had to walk about 5 miles facing pretty much south. Fortunately, the sun hadn't got going yet so I didn't mess up my one-sided tan.

Let's see what I forgot from yesterday...I made my first trip to the ATM. I could have made it longer but it was so convenient; and I wanted to make sure it worked before I really needed it.

Also, I stumbled and hit myself in the throat with my walking stick and right after that, a jeep drove by and honked a musical horn. It was sooo cool. It made me feel like I was in a movie. Ok, now today. I slept well last night in the woods and listened to the coyotes. Sounded like they were having fun.

I made good time into Fairview and had a hot breakfast and listened to the political debate at the next table. It was very interesting. The term "communistic" was used. I watched a big group of vultures fight over some roadkill. I've seen a lot of living rabbits and lizards lately. It's spring. And all the bird egg shells are everywhere and the butterflies...smell the flowers.

Anyways, I also went to the biggest "gas station" so far. It was one of those huge places with a trucker lounge and showers. It had 3 restaurants and even a shoe section. Too much for me. They had a lot of Air brand shoes. Does that fool kids into thinking they're getting Nike? I can't imagine it would.

I also need to mention that the list of things that I wrote a couple days ago were not things that I picked up and carried. I would need a wagon and probably a head examination if I was going to pick up all the stuff I find. I did pick up the money and I found another dollar and 40 cents today. Oh, and a sealed pack of mini-donuts right when I needed them. I miss the days when donut was spelled doughnut. Oh well.

I'm in Burns now and it seems like a nice little town. A lot of kids headed to baseball games came through the gas station. I'm settling here for the night behind the Burns Baptist Church. I'll be the first one here in the morning. Maybe I'll get a sucker or a gold star.

The weather was great today. Warm sun at times. Lots of clouds other times. Good breeze all the time. Yep, a great day for walking. I might get rained on tomorrow. Hey! A little red hanglider plane just flew over. There must be another word for them but in my book they only register as rad! I should build one and fly it across the country. The sun's about a half inch (everything is relative) from the horizon so, I'll set up my tent soon. Less time it's up, less time anyone could have a problem with it. Not that I expect I'll have any problems here.


Journal Entry from Wesley
Location: Linton
, TN

May 2nd

I'm sitting in the motel this morning praying hard. I need to. I didn't
make many comments yesterday because I just wasn't feeling up to it. I'm
feeling worn-down lately. Physically, I'm doing fine. I hurt my hip
yesterday evening but it's fine now. I've gotten plenty to eat and plenty of
sleep. Those things are easy to fix. I'm praying now that God would show me what needs to change for me to continue this task emotionally and mentally. It gets really hard sometimes and I don't know what to do (which makes it harder). I know the problems are with my outlook. At times, it's just the regular Wesley going for a long walk (which after weeks doesn't work too well) when it really needs to be Wesley following God and growing in the experience.

Also, I'm out to meet people and understand who lives in this country. It's
about them, not me. But, I meet so many people, have a lot of the same
conversation and then say goodbye. I want to talk to someone that already
knows me. I really miss being around something familiar. Yeah, not what I
expected. I guess it answers the question of whether I was meant to spend my life alone. I'd die.

I spend too much time trying to plan and calculate things that I just can't
know. Things don't feel right. So, I'm praying. I know that God has all the
answers and I know that He's the one that really wanted me to take this
trip. So, back to Him.

I'm headed out of Franklin kinda late. There's some rain this morning. I'm
headed into a very empty area so, I guess, I'll have some time alone to
straighten things out. I want to feel the transformation and joy of this
walk. I want more than to be really tired in body, mind and spirit. I know
it's here. I need to stop looking in the wrong places.


Journal Entry from Wesley
Location: Franklin
, TN

May 1st

Hey, it's May Day! How about that?

It was a quiet walk today with an early arrival in Franklin. I was sitting
under some trees on the edge of town trying to figure out where to go and
praying for guidance. I went to the Best Western and found out more about the city. I talked with the manager and she lives near where I'm headed. We worked out some kinks in my route. She also gave me the big king room for the price of the little'un. I get the king size and a recliner. There's a refrigerator and microwave, a heat lamp in the bathroom and even a safe. I don't know what I'd use the safe for.

Then, I went next door to the Shoney's and got a bunch of buffet to go (not
feelin the crowd). I happened to get into a conversation with the manager
there too and he put my dinner on the house. Way cool. So, I'm clean,
stuffed, and dry. Oh, forgot to mention that about an hour after I got into
my room, it started pouring. All that rain that we've been expecting is
finally here. We'll see how it is tomorrow. I have a long walk to nowhere. I
hear it's about 18 miles to the next gas station or anything.
Ok, time for a nice bath (this place also has a plug in the tub, unlike some
other places).


Journal Entry from Wesley
Location: Triune
, TN

April 30th Triune, TN

Oh swell, there is no Snell. My map says that I should be in Snell but
nobody around here knows anything about it. The conspiracy continues. And go figure, I get my appetite back just as I get into an area with no food. I walked by gas stations and grocery stores coming out of Murfreesboro and didn't stop. So, now I'm punishing myself. Unfortunately that hurts me too. I'll just think about something the Chinese Buffet last ni-Doh! grrr.

It was supposed to rain today(and yesterday) but it's just really hot and
sunny. Maybe the weatherpersons got those 2 mixed up.

It was neat sleeping in the log cabin last night. That place was called
Cannonsburgh Village and it's the original town before it became
Murfreesboro. I don't know why they changed the name or why Murfree spelled his name so strangely (or phonetically). So, I was in one of the oldest buildings in town. It was really hot in there but there was a couch that was actually plenty long for me to really stretch out.

I had a pastry and juice this morning and read for a while at the marathon.
We were in Matthew this morning. I have to try and find a newspaper today. I might be in it. I got interviewed yesterday and the photographer gave me a snack of raw vegetables. It's been a while. It was great.

I finally made it to Triune. The only one of three places in the area on my
map that anyone I've talked to knows of. I hung out (loitered, hehe) at the
gas station for a while and had a snack. They offered the back yard of the
station for me to sleep in, but it was really open to traffic of 2
intersecting highways. I found out about a church about 1/4 mile off my
route and went to find it. It's Wednesday, so I figured there might be a
bible study. There was. I was the youngest person there by like 30 years or so. It was fun.

I missed the dinner before the study, darn. But, they gave me plenty of food from the kitchen. Even got an ice cream sandwich. I'm sleeping on the front porch of the church tonight. In case it rains, I'll be under a roof. So,
this is my first night sleeping all the way outside. It's alright so far.
We'll see what the bugs say. Man, june bugs have got to be the dumbest thing alive. They're the flying thing that never caught on. The just fly into
things and fall over. They don't get it and don't get it that they don't get
it. Wow, that sentence is a keeper.

And now, an abridged list of some of the stuff I found today-
2 pairs of toenail clippers, a fingernail clipper, a pot and pan set, 6
brass-like bowls, a thermos, a tobacco pipe, a jacket, a t-shirt,
sweatshirt, pants, batting glove, one shoe, a phonebook, a jawbone, and 47 cents. Oh, and yesterday, I found an Archie comic and a pink sequined tube top. Ok, goodnight.


Journal Entry from Wesley
Location: Murfreesboro
, GA

April 29th

I guess I slept really well last night. I slept through an earthquake. Yeah,
an earthquake! That's a first. You'd think I would have noticed sleeping on
the ground and all. The sound of the trucks was actually kind of soothing
last night. It sounded like what I imagine the offspring of an airplane and
the ocean would sound like.

I've also developed a new habit of walking into spiderwebs. I do it al the
time now. I don't understand how I find so many of them because they're
practically invisible. But, I haven't stepped in any gum yet...unless
there's invisible gum. 500 gum-free miles.

It was a pretty tough walk today. Quite hot, lots of miles and very little
along the way. I caught up on the sweating that I missed when it was cooler last week. Now, I'm in Murfreesboro. The newspaper guy found me and interviewed me. When I talked about God, he told me about a non-stop bible reading. They're in Jeremiah right now and will be finishing on Thursday.

So, I'll be reading a while later and sleeping inside the building here.
It's taking place outside under a big tent in front of the original
settlement village of the city. A bunch of log cabins. It's neat. They have
lots of drinks and some food here. I ate at the Chinese Buffet up the
street. Good food. The worst part of walking really hard on hot days is that
I lose my appetite. I did pretty well for not being hungry.

Oh, and it's really good that I'll be inside tonight because there's
lightning on the horizon and rain on the way. At least it's cooled down.

I met some guys hitch-hiking through town and we talked for a while. They
are having a rough time in Murfreesboro. Not much else, it was just
interesting talking to full-time drifters. Glad it's not me.
And, finally, as of today, I can sing both the Peter,Paul and Mary song and
the Pretenders song without changing the words. It really messes up the flow when I sing four hundred and seventy or whatever.


Journal Entry from Wesley
Location: Beechgrove, TN

Ow, I just got my arm stuck on a thorn bush. I guess that's what I get for
sitting by a thorn bush. I'm making better time than I thought. I still
had to walk across all of Manchester this morning. I've come across plenty of food. 41 runs parallel to the interstate here.

I'm headed to Beech Grove. Hmmm, if it were Beach Grove, it would be perfect for an old monster party movie. But, it's not. I'll pretend that it's Sneech Grove! Yeah! Oh, something that I forgot to mention. Back in Monteagle, I saw a DeLorean. Those babies still turn heads. What's up with the little bank teller window inside of the driver's side window? It's like a doggie window. Well, that's enough break. I got another 8 miles to go.

I made it to Sneech Grove in good time. I had some dinner at the store and met a guy named Richard who grew up near Brainerd and St. Cloud. It's weird meeting someone in the middle of Tennessee that has even heard of Brainerd. I don't even know if I spelled that right. It sounds like someone trying to come up with a new name for the smart kid. We should just call that place Dork.

I'm on another horror movie set tonight and it's a little creepy if I think about it. It's a really old, falling-apart, church in the woods. There's also a nest of bees inside of the wood on the front of the church so it buzzes. Unfortunately, there was no place to escape the sound of trucks. I'm between 41 and the interstate so I'm getting a tag-team of vroom.

I have a lot of walking to do tomorrow. About 18 miles to Murfreesboro and nothing at all for at least 13 of it. And then, more rain is expected. Maybe 3 or 4 days in a row. But, if nature gives any authority to the power of the rhyme, I don't have much longer with rain. For, April showers bring May flowers. That's right, just a couple more days.

Tomorrow, I'll hit my 500 mile mark. Cool. Today was the first day in a long time that I thought about the trip as a whole. This walk is pretty long. I also thought a long time about what I would do if I had 6 months to live. I didn't really decide on anything. It's just an interesting thing to think about. Ok, good night.



Week 1: March 24th through March 30th
Week 2: March 31st through April 6th
Week 3: April 7th through April 13th
Week 4: April 14th through April 20th
Week 5: April 21st through April 27th
Week 6: April 28th through May 4th
Week 7: May 5th through May 11th
Week 8: May 12th through May 18th
Week 9-10: May 19th through June 1st
Week 11: June 2nd through June 8th
Week 12: June 9th through June 15th



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