nvALT 2.2 Public Beta

Brett and I have been work on nvALT 2.2; which includes Lion compatibility stuff, many bug fixes, a handful of new features, and a new markdown engine. You can read about new features and bug fixes below. We want to get this release beta tested a bit, and we’re hoping you’re up for the task.

This is a BETA. Please back up your databases and save a copy of your current nvALT.app. The main database files are in ~/Library/Application Support/Notational Data. Make a copy of that directory for safekeeping. If you store your notes as text files in a folder, back that up too. Just to be safe. We haven’t experienced any data loss in testing, but we can’t be held responsible if something should happen.

There are still a lot of reported bugs that haven’t been fixed. We’re working on getting the release schedule moving a little faster, but be patient. Among the larger bugs we still need to fix are Simplenote escaping and a crasher when importing URLs as Markdown. Fixes coming soon.

Please report bugs here. When you do, in the first line of that report include the following info: OS X version, hardware details about your Mac (ie 2008 2.4 GHz MBP), nvALT version from the About window (ie “Version 2.2b (93)”), AND whether you store your notes as separate files and what format (ie .txt) or as a database, and whether its secure. Also, tag your bug report using the “2.2 beta” tag.

Twitter is REALLY not a good place to do support/bug reporting stuff. Email is better, but could get drowned out. But the GitHub site is the best. Use the Git. If we’re not responding, and you really want/need us to THEN follow up that Git report with an email containing a link to that Git report.

p.s. one more thing: you can follow nvALT on Twitter now! @nvALTApp

Release Notes:

Bug fixes and improvements for 10.5 - 10.7

Lion compatibility features and bug fixes

Markdown auto-completion/syntax tricks

Markdown Link Pasting