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Bunch Folder Setup

By default, Bunch reads plain text files from a folder at ~/bunches (that’s a folder called “bunches” in the base of your Home folder). You can change the location of that folder using “Preferences->Change Bunches Folder” from the Dock icon or menu bar item (possibly to a Dropbox or iCloud folder where you can sync with other machines).

Tip (kinda): when you change the Bunches folder location, it doesn’t move or delete any of the Bunches at the previous location. That means that (in a fairly inelegant way) you can use different folders for different sets of Bunches.

Each Bunch file has the extension .bunch, so a basic config file would look like ~/bunches/Example.bunch.

Each Bunch is a separate file, and the name of the Bunch will be taken from the filename (without the .bunch extension). Once you’ve added your own configuration(s), delete the Example.bunch file (or rename it with an extension other than .bunch).