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Download And Install

Just download the DMG and double click it to mount. Drag the Bunch icon to the Applications folder. You can then launch Bunch from your Applications folder. (Or with Spotlight. Or Launchbar or Alfred. Or the command line. Or AppleScript…)

You’ll probably want Bunch to stay in your Dock or your menu bar for easy access, so go ahead and launch it once, then use Preferences->Launch at Login to add it to your Login Items.

You can choose between running in the Dock and running in the menu bar by opening the Preferences submenu and selecting Run In Dock or Run In Menu Bar (only the opposite of the current state is shown).

See the configuration section for instructions on personalizing the setup. Use “Reveal Bunches in Finder” to go directly to that folder and start editing/adding Bunches.

Accessibility Permissions

To use some of Bunch’s features, you’ll need to give it Accessibility permission in System Preferences. Open System Preferences and go to “Security & Privacy,” then select the “Accessibility” tab from the list on the left. Click the lock icon in the bottom left and unlock the preferences with your system password. Use the (+) button to add Bunch to the list from your Applications folder, and ensure that the checkbox next to it in the list is checked.

Additional Permissions

As Bunch attempts to control various apps and features of the operating system, you will be asked to grant Bunch permission to perform new operations. Because Bunch is all about automating other apps, your first runs will include a lot of these dialogs. Once you allow an operation, though, you won’t be asked again in the future.


At some point you will be asked to allow Bunch to send notifications. Please enable this, as some of Bunch’s error reporting is done through the Notification Center in order to allow your Bunches to run without interrupting for non-fatal errors. It’s recommended that you set the notification style to “Alerts” in System Preferences->Notifications.