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Bunch is a macOS utility by Brett Terpstra. It takes a folder of plain text files containing lists of apps and commands to launch and provides an easy-to-use menu for triggering them. It allows myriad advanced features, and uses a plain text syntax to accomplish great things. You’ll like it, I think. Learn more.

What can you do with Bunch?

  • Prepare to record a screencast with a Bunch that hides your Dock, changes your wallpaper, hides your Desktop icons, hides all open windows, and loads your screen recording app. When it closes, it can restore your wallpaper, unhide the Dock, and show your Desktop icons.
  • Get ready to podcast with a Bunch that opens your recording software, starts a new show notes document, and sets your audio inputs and outputs. It can also pause your backups to save bandwidth, and put everything back in place when you’re done.
  • Switch coding projects with a Bunch that closes all your Finder windows and opens your project folder, opens iTerm to your project directory and runs a git pull, and opens your project in your text editor or IDE. It can even integrate with your time tracker to start project timers.
  • Silence social media during set times with a scheduled Bunch that closes Twitter and other social apps. Launch them again when you’re ready just by toggling the Bunch.
  • Save sets of browser tabs for a project to easily reopen them when you start working on that project.
  • And, as they say, so much more…