Make friends and influence nerds with the Lab’s new tee

Introducing the latest shirt available from my Teespring shop! It’s bold and beautiful and reasonably priced. And by wearing some humane text syntax on your chest you’ll garner immediate respect from other Markdown fans and find fun opportunities to explain nerdy topics to new people at parties and on dates. Especially on dates.

The shirt is available in 3 colors and in men’s, women’s, and tank top versions. There’s even a little **BOLD** sticker you can add on for your laptop or forehead.

Buying my shirts is a great way to support The Lab, as well as adding to your collection of humorous nerd shirts. The t-shirts from the Rock Paper Wallpaper collection are available, too, and I’m still quite proud of my Black Flag/Sex Pistols/Ramones mashup shirt.

All of the shirts are available in the new and improved “The Lab” shop at Teespring. The campaigns are now automatically renewing, so as the goals are met and shirts are printed, the campaign will continue to be available. Plus, I get a cool address like “”. Go check it out and support The Lab (and me by proxy1)!

  1. Or would that be transitive property if the lab == me?

Brett Terpstra

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