Thanks to Syml for sponsoring this week!

Syml is a text editor designed to take advantage of the iPad’s large screen. It’s built around seamless Dropbox sync and natural gestures that let you interact directly with your words.

If that’s caught your interest I’d recommend skipping straight to a 30 second video of it in action. That’s by far the best way to get a feel for what makes Syml special.

Syml is opinionated. It’s a text editor for writers that looks deceptively simple, while offering a depth of powerful features:

  • It presents you with a single searchable list of documents in the style of Notational Velocity. Fuzzy search to filter down to the document you want or to quickly create a new file.
  • Each document has persistent, unlimited undo. You can scrub through your document’s history in a way that makes undo and redo a fluid part of the editing experience.
  • Insert markdown elements, cut, copy or paste with a single swipe.
  • It has deep markdown syntax awareness for beautiful highlighting and actions based on the selected text.
  • Option-Space will bring up a menu of actions tailored to the current context allowing you to trigger actions without having to take your hands from the keyboard.
  • It’s fully optimised to take advantage of iOS 9 features like Multitasking, Split-View and Spotlight integration.
  • This is 1.0… just the beginning.

Syml gets out of your way, and lets you focus on your writing. Words really don’t do it justice. See for yourself.

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