Systematic 105 and Overtired 5

Systematic logo Kevin Rothermel works in advertising and digital strategies. He came by to talk about “viral” marketing, Facebook advertising, emotional purchasing decisions, and standing desks, among a variety of other topics. It was a great conversation, and I’d like to offer a big thanks to Kevin for making the time. Check out the episode at 5by5!

Overtired Episode 5 just came out today, too. It was a rip-roaring-ride of a conversation with Christina, ranging from movie stars to Bigfoot to the Mac App Store. I’m enjoying doing this podcast and hope that it strikes a chord with a wide audience. Thanks for listening, everybody! Check out the Overtired #5 at 5by5! You may also want to follow @ovrtrd on Twitter as we start to kick that into gear.

Brett Terpstra

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