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Web Excursions for August 21, 2017

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Sketch for Designrs
Not a huge repository, yet, but another resource site to add to your Sketch bookmarks collection.
I love Sketch plugins to the extent that a plugin manager is a necessity. Sketch Toolbox hasn’t been updated for a while, and this new one is pretty sweet.
Ok, so there’s not been any shortage of email clients in recent years, nor am I interested in replacing MailMate or Spark. I do try everything out, though, and this one looks great. Currently just in advance signup mode, but if you’re curious, get your name on the list.
I’m not switching away from Pinboard, but I am impressed with this as a bookmarking/read later tool. Imports from Pocket, Readability, and Instapaper so you can try it out easily.
I really like the way Spotify analyzes my playlist data. Just the facts, but with some interesting notes. I am apparently high energy, with 79% of my played tracks categorizing as “energetic,” and zero “chill” tracks in my playlists. And I’m only drinking one cup of coffee in the morning these days…

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