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Web Excursions for November 15, 2016

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Hop - Email Messaging Superpowers
This looks like a really smart way to handle email threads. I doubt it would suit my needs the way Spark does, but I think the conversion of quoted email conversations into Messages-style conversations is brilliant.
gitmoji - An emoji guide for your commit messages
An emoji guide for your GitHub-hosted commit messages.
I had cause to need to recover an entire defunct section of a website recently. It existed in good shape on the Wayback Machine, but downloading sites isn’t easy there. I searched for solutions a while, and eventually found wayback-machine-downloader. Worked like a charm.
derickfay/key2txt: Convert Keynote files to text (Taskpaper and Markdown) and back
I needed to take a presentation Keynote and turn it into a workable outline, and these scripts worked a charm.
Google Advanced Search Query Syntax
I know most of these, and I almost exclusively use DuckDuckGo, but I think anyone who reads this blog is probably interested in some of the advanced search syntax that Google provides.
Trump Tracker
Regardless of your political leanings, I think we’re all waiting (read: nervous) to see what electoral promises Trump actually follows through on.

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