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Web Excursions for June 06, 2016

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How to use nvALT in academia
Some good tips for using nvALT in an academic setting. Don’t worry, these will still apply to BitWriter!
“Where’s the App for That?” – Fixing App Store Discovery
John Voorhees offers a 4600-word piece detailing the shortcomings (and potential fixes) of Apple’s App Store search, an issue near and dear to my developer heart.
15 iPhone Tricks Apple Has Been Hiding From You
Some good iOS tips, including a few I didn’t know but really wanted.
Take Better Notes in Class Using a Mind Map
Mind mapping is the best way for me to take notes during a lecture or presentation that are actually useful to me later.
An interactive CLI HTTP client with autocomplete and syntax highlighting. This will be handy for API testing as an alternative to redundant curl commands. Via OneThingWell
What The F*** Should I Make For Dinner?
I enjoy cooking and I like swearing, so I find this barebones meal suggestion tool both likeable and enjoyable.