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Web Excursions for January 20, 2016

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Web excursions brought to you in partnership with Creatable and The Mac Pick A Bundle 2017. One day left to choose from 30 great Mac apps, 10 apps for $39, or all 30 for $99.

A smart new contact management app from Agile Tortoise. It can create contacts from things like Drafts notes and email signatures with a single tap. It allows group management and works with third party apps.
Preview Chrome in Marked
A Keyboard Maestro macro lets you preview in Marked while writing in textareas in Chrome.
Inoreader - RSS & News Reader
“An RSS reader for power users.” A lot of useful features in this RSS reader, including keyword filters and powerful search.
1Password 6 for Mac is here!
I use 1Password every day, and it’s always been solid (both for security and convenience). The 6.0 release adds some great new features, and (suprisingly to me) is a free upgrade for version 5 users.
Composer’s Sketchpad
An intriguing music creation app that lets you draw notation with your finger (or Apple Pencil), handling vibratos and pitch bends in intuitive ways. The only downside is no MIDI support…

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