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Web Excursions for December 16, 2015

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Editing Tables of Contents with PDF Pen Pro
A valuable screencast from Luc P. Beaudoin at CogZest, focusing on PDFpen Pro. This is part of a book project I’m helping with, based on Luc’s Cognitive Productivity.
Make Money Outside the Mac App Store
On sale until December 24th, this new ebook from Christian Tietze is an excellent guide to selling and marketing applications outside of the Mac App Store.
Angelos Arnis’ “Top favorite design resources”
Angelos Arnis compiled the “Tools I use constantly” on Medium, and it’s a great collection of currently-available resources for web (and other) designers.
FundaMine: Inline Comments on Blogs and Media Websites
Add Medium-style inline comments & highlights to your own blog with a bit of JavaScript (or WordPress plugin).
All those free downloads of excellent work on Dribbble in an easy-to-browse interface? Thank you!
Search is Back!
Facebook took away many aspects of their Graph Search, but this project from Michael Morgenstern adds back the missing features.

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