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Web Excursions for December 11, 2015

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Menu Bar Time Tracking with Doing and TextBar
A great integration between doing and TextBar. I’m working on some updates to doing to make this more useful, but it’s already a cool system.
This is awesome. Punch in a style and length and get AI-generated, royalty free soundtracks for your videos (perfect for screencasting). 15 free downloads per month for individuals and small businesses.
Screaming Liquid Tiger
As a followup to the “Personal podcast feed for your audiobooks” post from Andreas Zeitler, Marcel Bischoff has created a PHP script to handle automatic RSS and Atom feed generation from a folder of media files.
From John Abel, a Python script to read local audiobook files and generate xml files for use with Podcast apps.
An excellent running list of ideas for better UI design. Tested in the real world, these practical tips could improve any website or interface.

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