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Web Excursions for September 09, 2015

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Sync + WD + Raspberry Pi
Truly build your own cloud with a 1TB drive, Raspberry Pi, and Bittorrent Sync.
A slick package manager for tmux.
Today color scheme for Sublime
I’m really into Spacegray right now, but this Sublime Text color scheme is beautiful.
Zen Timer
I’ll be talking more about this little app soon, but if you’re using the Pomodoro technique1, this timer is beautiful. It grows a tree as the timer runs, and can do it with a transparent background at desktop level with customizable colors. Very fun.
Nice to see NetNewsWire back! iOS version, too!

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  1. Which I have been a lot as a stopgap after having my ADHD meds cut in a psych provider snafu…