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Web Excursions for April 03, 2015

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As an addition to the tools listed in my recent post on directory traversal in the shell, commacd is a great new tool by Stanley Shyiko that combines a lot of the tricks I’m currently using into one simple system.
A gesture-based fullscreen web browser for iOS that happens to use Marky to offer web page “markdownification” as a built-in service and an iOS 8 Action Extension.
Chrome’s Console API: Greatest Hits
There turned out to be a lot of things I didn’t know about Chrome’s debug console. A lot of really useful things.
The News 2: Hacker News & Designer News & Product Hunt
This is my new home tab. A simple, beautiful presentation of my favorite sources of information and tools. Also available as a free iOS app.
Tabbie - Material, customizable and hackable new tab replacement
Another way to get Hacker News, Designer News, and Product Hunt into your Chrome new tab page, plus GitHub, Pushbullet, and more.

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