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Web Excursions for February 21, 2015

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Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note
Three iOS/Android apps from IFTTT to give you one-tap access to a variety of actions. The “Do Button” app can connect to any of your IFTTT recipes, and the camera and notes app provide additional features specific to their respective functions. See links here for Android versions.
Beam: Smart projector that fits into any light socket
See the Kickstarter page for details. While the 100 Lumens on the 854x480 projector aren’t going to make a home theater for you, the automation capabilities and potential uses make it fascinating. To me anyway. Because I’m a dreamer.
Five minutes to Markdown mastery
If you haven’t figured out Markdown yet, here’s a concise 5-minute guide from Remarq to help out. A great resource, thanks to all the Twitter folk who pointed it out! (When you’re ready for a more in-depth look, check out my video tutorial. And Marked, of course.)
Sketch Toolbox - A super simple plugin manager for Sketch
A plugin manager with search and update capabilities for Sketch plugins. I’m actually even happier about this than I was about Alcatraz for Xcode (which is also awesome).
A CLI from the makers of Sketch that enables you include export functions in your build scripts, among other tricks.

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