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Web Excursions for May 23, 2014

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Web excursions brought to you by MindMeister, the best collaborative mind mapping software out there.

How to Brew Coffee Without a Coffee Maker
It happens rarely in my life, but there are some great tips here to bring out the coffee survivalist in you.
Single Element CSS Spinners
If you design web pages, you’re going to need one of these eventually. Nice collection of CSS “spinners” for loading feedback.
Launchbar Actions
For those of us sticking with LaunchBar, here are some great actions including (for beta 6) a DuckDuckGo search with live search suggestions.
A Year of Icons
Discovered via The Sweet Setup, this is a collection of unique and useful pictograms for just about any icon needs.
OmniFocus 2 for Mac from a Reminders User’s Perspective
I do love Federico Viticci’s reviews. Also see Stephen Hacket’s and Shawn Blanc’s reviews. All excellent.

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