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Web Excursions for February 14, 2014

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Weekend Read
A great app that makes reading screenplays and scripts on your iPhone a pretty damn good experience. It handles Final Draft, PDFs, Fountain and Markdown files, and imports from Mail, Dropbox and the web.
InstantClick JS lib to make your website instant
If it weren’t for server load increase and required script refactoring that I don’t have time to tackle, I’d probably test this out today… It essentially turns your website into a single-page application using pjax and hover/click handlers to preload content.
Goodbye, Editorially
I loved this web app, and am sad to see it go. I applaud the team for making the decision fairly early on, though. Thankfully, we still have (the amazing) Draft.
Why “just use Adblock” should never be a professional answer
A good read from Christian Heilmann on the effects of web advertising.
This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory
An interesting-looking documentary from the creator of Everything Is A Remix. Published as a paid subscription with multiple installments in the series.
This web app has received a lot of attention around the web in the last couple of days. It highlights readability issues in text. Marked 2 can actually do a lot of this, but Hemingway is a pretty handy tool you can use for free.