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Web Excursions for January 20, 2014

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Time Warp
OneThingWell reminded me of this tool that I haven’t tried yet. It uses a smarter algorithm to determine which Time Machine snapshots should be deleted when the drive fills, rather than just the oldest one. Dr. Bunsen is crazy smart.
Automate the Web - Zapier
Wow, IFTTT on steroids (plus paid plans). It integrates with and automates over 200 services. I tested GitHub → FlowDock, Dropbox → Pushover and a few others and it works really well.
Stick your landings! position:sticky lands in WebKit
This is an old post, but I just now realized that position: -webkit-sticky is now working in current versions of Chrome and Safari. Even in Marked
PowerMate Bluetooth
Switch your Sublime Text theme based on sunset/sunrise times for your location. I haven’t actually gotten it to work yet…

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