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Web Excursions for December 28, 2013

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Simple JSON processing in shell scripts
I didn’t even know jsc was there. This is awesome.
Server Side Cheaters
Cheatsheets everywhere, with some auto-build Python scripts that I look forward to playing with.
‘Twas(n’t) the Software Patent BeforeChristmas
Stu Maschwitz waxes poetic on the iA Writer Pro snafu. I’ve stayed pretty quiet about this whole thing, but let me say that anyone who claims a blue cursor is a major feat is lying. Syntax Control is an uncreative use of NSLinguisticTagger and not worth all of this attention. That is all.
Facebook ‘dead and buried to teens’, research finds

It seems that social media works not towards change of society, notions of individuality and connectedness, and so on but rather as a conservative force that tends to strengthen the conventional social relations and to reify society

All of my favorite image compression programs on the command line, complete with a Grunt plugin for automation.
We created something similar to this for the Engadget relaunch. It’s an essential tool for responsive design and allows modular loading and unloading of assets at viewport breakpoints.

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