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Web Excursions for July 17, 2013

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First Look at Editorial for iPad
I have been beta testing this and it’s going to be a game-changer in the iOS Markdown Editing field. In the text editing and blogging fields in general, actually.
Computer monitor Ambilight clone shows remarkable performance
C’mon. Aside from being a potentially distracting feature and the whole My Little Pony thing, this is freaking awesome.
Testing made easier in Internet Explorer
Get your free VM images for Fusion, Parallels and more. Windows installs with various versions of IE ready for testing.
Interfacing Leap Motion with Arduino thanks to Node.js
Holy cow. Awesome.
A command-line utility for getting your machines current location using CoreLocation in OS X.

I run a lot of scripts that are only useful when my laptop is in a certain location. I do pretty well using ControlPlane, but this utility has a lot of potential scripting applications.

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