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Web Excursions for June 23, 2013

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Babelmark - Markdown Testbed
Old older Markdown dingus with a few missing variants, but enough to get a good idea how various Markdown supersets translate across different processors.
Update: BabelMark 2 is the updated version, via Lasar Liepins.
Create Your Icon Fonts - Free icon Vectors - Fontastic
An amazing resource for building your own icon webfonts, with the ability to remap the fonts to easy-to-remember and identify class names.
OpenWeatherMap free weather API
I’m rewriting some of my GeekTool scripts using this awesome Open Source weather API.
Creating a plain text wiki with nvALT
A great example of putting Notational Velocity/nvALT’s internal linking capability to use.
jQuery TourBus
Another cool jQuery plugin for creating walkthroughs of web apps.