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Web Excursions for May 22, 2013

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POP - Prototyping on Paper - iPhone App Prototyping Made Easy
Design an app on paper, take pictures and make simulations. Great prototyping tool.
Keybaord Maestro 6.0 press release
Whoa. Once again wondering why I’m not using Keyboard Maestro.
Cheaters for Dash. Love it.
Hangouts for iOS
I don’t love Google Hangouts, but they’re the best option available for group video chat right now. The iOS app is a handy tool for making use of them.
Overlay images when converting to HTML/CSS for pixel-perfect layouts. Allows viewing individual PSD layers and supports clickthrough to the design below.
Git-based wiki in Node.js, inspired by Gollum. Via OneThingWell.

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