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Web Excursions for May 08, 2013

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The Alfred version of the iTunesIcon script. Thanks to Max Jacobson.
Fargo 0.55
I’ve previously mentioned Fargo, the web-based outliner. This release now supports Markdown, which opens some interesting possibilities, I think. Via Alan Sandercock.
An unofficial API for the Nest thermostat written in Node.js. Get status, set the temperature and more. You can find it in use in a Nest panel for Status Board by Bob VanderClay.
BugHub - For GitHub
This is a really nice way to handle Github issues in a native Mac app. Also available for iPad.
Red Sweater Blog - Fire & Forget Scripting
If you happen to use FastScripts, this new trick is awesome. Instead of long-running scripts pausing the app, they just fire off on separate processes. Handy, and just a terminal command away.