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Web Excursions for April 30, 2013

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Crouching Nouns, Hidden Verbs: my search for a great iPad writing tool
An iOS text editor review (ostensibly of UX Write) from someone who actually pounds enough screen keys to make some sound judgements.
Instantly grab a high-res icon for any iOS app using LaunchBar
A version of my iOS-icon-grabbing script for LaunchBar. Who’s making the Alfred version?
Some great points from Daniel Jalkut.
CSS Units of Measure: Going Beyond the Pixel
Making sense of all the CSS sizing options.
“Simple overlay instructions for your apps.” Handy for some larger web app projects.
Good grief. This is na on major steroids. If you work with TaskPaper-formatted todo lists (or have any desire to), this is an amazing tool with CLI, GeekTool, Alfred and Sublime Text integration.

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