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Web Excursions for April 05, 2013

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Ikea Dioder ambilight hack
So cool. Check out the video.
Camera+ for iPad
This is a great photo app, now with a dedicated iPad version that takes full advantage of the additional screen real estate.
HyperSwitch: The New HyperDock For Your Keyboard
I’m really digging this. It’s unobtrusive while adding a bunch of functionality to the cmd-tab switcher.
Via George Entenman, this looks like it will eventually be pretty awesome. Markdown -> Mindmap, with support for checklists, multiple themes and presentations. It seems like it’s pretty “beta” at the moment, but hopefully good things will come.
Pattern Digger
This could be handy. It scans a code directory for “TODO,” “FIXME,” or any other pattern you want and displays your project todo lists based on what it finds. You can click a todo item to open the file containing it in an editor, and see badge counts of todos per file. It can live update as files change, too.
I’ve been playing with it for a while. I have scripts that do this from the command line which work fine, but I’m finding that the GUI overview is nice sometimes.

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