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Web Excursions for March 1st, 2013

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Keyboard Maestro wrappers for the Markdown Service Tools
Patrick Welker over at RocketINK has updated his Keyboard Maestro wrappers for the Markdown Service tools and included a few of my other projects, including SearchLink.
The true power of regular expressions
A good post on regular expressions. Just in case you ever wondered if they were actually useful.
10 Super Useful Free Icon Font Sets
Icon fonts can be a really useful tool in lightweight web design. These sets are a pretty good place to start with a lot of commonly useful pictographs.
A really good (and good-looking) regular expression tester for OS X. Handles groups, sub-matches, substitutions and exporting regular expressions in a variety of languages.
completeme 0.2.5
A very cool filename completion tool for quickly opening a file in your editor from the command line. Via OneThingWell.

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