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Web Excursions for January 30, 2013

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I’m really happy to see one of my favorite Vim plugins available for Sublime Text 2. Just hit Command-; and type a letter you want to jump to on the visible screen and then hit the hint character that shows up for it. Also handles selecting between the cursor and a jump character.
Developers: Heres how to add a little 1Password to your iOS apps
I would love it if more iOS devs took advantage of this.
Sublime Blog Sublime Text 3 Beta
Sublime Text 3 beta out before I feel like I’m really good with Sublime Text 2? Can’t complain about progress…
Automatic refactoring of CSS ot remove redundant and overly-specific selectors. It’s really handy for trimming down styles, finding errors and cleaning up legacy code.
iRig BlueBoard
This is exactly what the iRig lineup has needed for a while. Glad to see it coming down the pipe.