Web excursions: November 5 November 7

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Links of interest from November 5 through November 7:

  • Less Framework 2
    Everyone writes css differently. Less Framework takes this into account by having a minimal set of features, and does away with things like predefined classes.
  • The Ultimate HTML5 Resources Roundup | Propeople Blog
    A very complete collection of currently available tutorials, websites, books, frameworks and videos regarding HTML5.
  • Vertical Forest :: YouTube5 Version 2
    Automagically replace YouTube videos with their HTML5 versions. Includes custom player and two sticks of awesomeness.
  • HTML5Audio Safari Extension // ShaunInman.com
    HTML5Audio Safari extension currently replaces the default Tumblr audio player (with or without Flash) and WordPress Audio Player (without Flash).Combined with Connor McCay’s YouTube5 plugin, the web is a little more awesome, at least from a Safari 5 point of view.

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